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Online Humanities Scholarship, The Shape of Things to Come
is a three day conference to explore how to develop and sustain online humanities research and publication. Nine scholarly papers and eighteen responses will leverage discussion by a broad group of persons invited to the conference to contribute their expertise. This group includes scholars working on other projects and persons from funding agencies, publishers, museums, libraries, and professional organizations. The conference is closed to this group in order to provide maximum focus to the discussions.

The 'content focus' is a set of editorial projects that implement digital technology in different scholarly disciplines: specifically literary and cultural studies, history, classics, archaeology, and music. While the technical features of these projects will inevitably come into discussion, the social and institutional issues facing all scholarly ventures of these kinds are the imperative concern: how to sustain the life of such projects; how to address their institutional obstacles and financial demands; how to involve the greater community of students and scholars in online research and publication; how to integrate these resources with our inherited material and paper-based depositories; how to promote institutional collaborations to support these scholarly efforts; how to link online resources, which are now largely dispersed and isolated, into a connected network. The sustainability and institutional problems should be considered the two overriding topics.